Two-a-days are over, kids are back in school, and it is time to kick off the 2021 high school football season in the state of New Mexico. There will be some normalcy again with games being played during the fall season, fans being back in the stands and players being able to play the game normally after what they had to endure during the spring season. Every team around the state had the same amount of time to prepare for this season and everyone is ready to compete for a state championship. Time will tell who the true favorites after the sprint of a spring season.

            One thing that is still common for everyone around the state is that Covid-19 is still around, and the delta variant is still around. Teams are going to need to follow all the orders they are given from the NMAA and the Governor to be able to finish the entire season. Players and coaches will need to be safe with what they do off the field and in school to not have a spread occur or have any games being canceled. A few games this week were canceled with Rio Rancho vs Goddard being canceled and West Las Vegas vs Moriarty were halted with cases as well.

            It will be very vital that every team do everything possible to protect each other and to listen to all their coaches with what advice they are given from them. Players right now will need to remember that they almost did not have a season occur with the way the virus was last year. That they should take advantage of every minute they can get on the field and enjoy every minute with the game they are playing because at any moment it could be taken away from them. Play for those who did not get a chance to have a full season and honor past teammates that did not get chance to have a full season with the opportunity they have.

            Even with a spring season, it is very difficult to say who the favorites are to win this year’s state championships. Only time will tell who they favorites are for the blue trophy and who could be a sneaky pick to win it all. It will take about three to four games to be able to see who has the best team and who has the best players in the state. It could happen sooner if some early matchups before district play begins with the top ranked teams winning those matchups or if an upset occurs from a lower ranked team. It is best for everyone to wait a few games before we can make predictions. Good luck to everyone around the state and to a healthy 2021 season.

2021 Season Kicks Off

By Matthew Aguilar